Make your own luck by using probabilistic methods!

winner's lottery systemThere are many that state that they have found the secret to winning the lottery or some that also offer methods and techniques that can help you win for sure. However, there’s no such method that can guarantee winning the big prize (the so-called Jackpot). In spite of all of this, THERE ARE probabilistic methods that can help you WIN REPEATEDLY SMALLER PRIZES, BUT STILL SUBSTANTIAL and it can happen to you on several occasions.
There’s no such “Big Secret” and by reading the following info you’ll soon find out exactly why is that.

The experts have different opinions on the tracking methods of the extraction of the numbers. The lottery results are given by using the so called “blowers”, which are actually informatics systems for generating the numbers – so there’s no “magical” tracking formula. Once you get the idea of frequency analysis you can develop your own tracking method.
Many lottery winners have been using their own methods of predicting the numbers.
It’s easy to track down the previous winning numbers through the databases; it’s difficult to build a tracking method to generate those winning numbers. You can also find on the Internet different publications on the subject, including diagrams, graphics and prognosis.

The system we are providing, symbolically called “The Winner’s Lottery” is a method that increases the chances to winning by using statistics and mathematics means.

While developing this method we considered, first of all,  the Law of Probability in tracking down numbers and the result was a very high probability of winning.
Also, we used the Groups of Numbers Law based on the repeating cycle of the numbers extracted. The conclusion was very interesting: each extracted number has a correspondent number that will be picked in a future lottery round. By combining the static numbers (which we keep playing) with their correspondent numbers you can generate in short time a WINNING TICKET for a superior category (4 winning numbers or more). You can find more details in the Method M25 section (click here).

We still have to make another important mention: By using the M25 Method you can increase your chances of winning the lottery by reducing the risks involved in the game. But nobody can guarantee 100% that you will win the big prize while playing the lottery, however you CAN generate the lucky numbers for the high stakes category by using the M25 Method.

Before claiming your prize – important mentions:

Before rushing to claim your winnings, we recommend in doing as follows:

1. Protect your ticket and don’t make any rash decisions

First of all, protect your winning ticket. Make hard and digital copies after it, store the ticket in a safe place in your home or even in a safety deposit box in a bank, even if it’s a ticket with a great win, which is possible by using the M25 Method.
Once your ticket is insured, make time to contact the lottery authority (from the country in which you played – even if you play online). There are several reasons why you should do this, first of all to allow yourself to calm down and plan ahead your new life, while the media announces that there’s a big winner. Most lotteries allow the winners to claim their prize in a period of time between 180 and 365 days, so taking a week off before claiming your prize will be very beneficial for your mental state.

2. If you are employed, don’t quit your job just yet

Winning is what you always dreamed about, isn’t it? Quitting your job and withdrawing on an island for a while with a cold tropical drink in your hand, right? But don’t make that decision too fast. Just remember to keep the secret of winning to yourself while at work. A calm smile is all that you need to show at your workplace.

3. Hire professionals to manage your finances

It’s most likely you’re not a fiscally expert, a professional planner or an authorized accountant. When you will win the lottery’s big jackpot by using the M25 Method, you’ll need to surround yourself with finance professionals. We also recommend hiring a finance consultant specialised on taxes.
You will need their advices in order to make the best decisions for your future. Furthermore, if you have doubts regarding any advice received, request a second opinion – it’s not like you can’t afford it.

4. Change your address – it’s not mandatory, but it’s preferably that you do so

Once people find out that you won millions, you will receive requests from different persons, whether you know them or not. Close and distant family members, friends, co-workers, charities, investment consultants – and so on.
Before claiming the money, it’s recommended that you get a new phone number and if possible, to change your address. This will make it harder for people to track you down but you can still contact those that you wish to.

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